This isn’t a drill

My coworker shoved a shield and sword into my arms which already were overflowing with armor and other things I didn’t have full training for.

I stood there wide eyed and confused. We hadn’t covered this in my training. Was this my armor? These questions bubbled around my head for a second before my coworker Lily shoved me into a changing room. “Change. We don’t have time!” She yelled. I stood there for a second before dropping everything and changing into the armor recently shoved into my arms. My heart was going a million miles an hour and I was sweating bullets. I wasn’t ready. I didn’t know if I was ever going to be ready.

Lily shoved the door open as I was trying to shove my boots on. “Come on! Lets go.” She snapped. I stumbled after her hopping on one leg putting a boot on. The office was on fire and if you even tried to breathe you would swallow ash. Were any of us ready? I caught up to lily once I put my boot on. Everyone was facing the door holding something to protect themselves. A sword, a plant, some type of blunt object and others were trying as hard as they could to hide.

But it was coming. I held my sword close to myself.

It didn’t matter if i was ready. I could do this.

We all can. Go out there. Go fight

Day Eleven (Only not really)

Monday,  August 15th 12:38 am

Honestly I really don’t have an excuse for why I’ve been gone so long. I think about this blog everyday and I can’t help but feel guilty. As if I’ve abandoned a child on the side of road. I’ve recently started working, I got a job at amazon and that would the good side of what was going on currently. The bad side being me getting into a car accident with my girlfriend and her dad. It left me unable to walk for about a week and unable to go onto the freeway without crying and being very very clingy.

My three nieces have been doing well, they’ve all recently completely recovered from a nasty cold that left one of them with asthma for a short period of time. The whole house is always in sort of a panic, but that’s honestly nothing new.

I’m afraid of others looking at me differently but I have ADHD, anxiety and depression. My days have been consisting of going to work, going to bed, and going to work again. It’s all my body would let me do, and sometimes even working is hard. Sometimes I would sit by the pile of work and stare at it because I have no drive or will power to do what I’m paid to do.

I’m going to try to get better on writing on this, and returning to writing a story that goes with the one word prompt daily. I’m sorry for being so inactive for so long, and I promise to try my best!


Day Seven: Headache

Tuesday, May 10th. 2:36 pm

I’m on my second day without anti-depressants. Not gonna lie I still kind feel kind of out of it, but way less so than I did yesterday. Hopefully my dad comes home with them soon,  because I’m still pretty dependent on them. It’s not something I really like but it’s something I still have to live with.

I have not taken a glance at the one word prompt for today but whatever it is I’m sure I’ll think of something to write along side it. Yesterday I took some time for myself and did some yoga, ran for thirty minutes on the Treadmill, and took a relaxing shower. It helped center myself and keep stress at bay and I hadn’t taken the time to care for my own well being that It was honestly extremely refreshing. I urge everyone to take time for themselves, even if it’s a shower or a good meal. Your health and peace of mind matter just as much as everyone else’s, and taking time to ensure you’re okay should be part of your daily routine.

Sadly I do have a headache. I woke up with one because allergy season is having a giant impact on me. Then again allergy season for me is all year round considering I have four dogs and live in the valley. My niece has wandered in and decided to join me in typing,  and by join me I mean stare at my fingers as they type. Also randomly shut down the door. Then stare at my girlfriend as I video chat with her.

Stay lovely

XOXO Mouse

Day Five: Smore Frappuccino

Another phone update. Bear with me, I haven’t gotten much sleep

It’s currently nine in the morning and I just want to go back to sleep. Today I’m going out with my mom and Grandma to celebrate mothers day, and we are on our way to Salvadoran cuisine for breakfast. A small part of me wishes I brought my father along because he’s not going to be very happy. This is the first year since my grandma’s passing that she’s not here for mothers day. I’m not the one driving, so I can’t call the shots, but I would have rather not left him alone today.

I’m probably going to lay my head down and nap after I post this, but I’m going to have it qued up so it posts at my usual time. I don’t plan on waking up this early every day.

I’m also heading to an acting class in the afternoon, and if I gather the courage I might vlog too. I’ve been trying to for a while now but I’ve always been super nervous about it. Everything is kind of up in the air and nothing is solid other than my current plans to attend an event later this month, and when that comes up I’ll let you guys know.

One word prompts should begin again tomorrow, and maybe even more work when it comes to terms of my book.

For now, I urge you to stay Lovely

XOXO Mouse