This isn’t a drill

My coworker shoved a shield and sword into my arms which already were overflowing with armor and other things I didn’t have full training for.

I stood there wide eyed and confused. We hadn’t covered this in my training. Was this my armor? These questions bubbled around my head for a second before my coworker Lily shoved me into a changing room. “Change. We don’t have time!” She yelled. I stood there for a second before dropping everything and changing into the armor recently shoved into my arms. My heart was going a million miles an hour and I was sweating bullets. I wasn’t ready. I didn’t know if I was ever going to be ready.

Lily shoved the door open as I was trying to shove my boots on. “Come on! Lets go.” She snapped. I stumbled after her hopping on one leg putting a boot on. The office was on fire and if you even tried to breathe you would swallow ash. Were any of us ready? I caught up to lily once I put my boot on. Everyone was facing the door holding something to protect themselves. A sword, a plant, some type of blunt object and others were trying as hard as they could to hide.

But it was coming. I held my sword close to myself.

It didn’t matter if i was ready. I could do this.

We all can. Go out there. Go fight

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