Day Ten (Sorta): Home

June second, 2016 3:16 pm

Yes, I am perfectly aware I was gone way longer than I had originally said. I didn’t plan that, at all, and I hope you guys forgive me. Life decided to slap me across the face and I haven’t completely recovered still. In a nutshell I went to Oregon and almost ended up homeless from my own stupidity.

Not everything that happened while I was gone was a bad thing. I got a job at amazon, and while I’m still waiting for a schedule from them it’s my first job and I’m very excited. The national event I attended was a blast and I’m still very drained from that. Four days of running, walking, late nights and screaming. (Don’t be concerned, no one there actually died, it’s a live action roleplay, and combat isn’t that painful).

I went with my girlfriend, which I was very happy to share a tent with for four days and three nights. I was even happier to have her company for a little more than a week and a half. As cheesy as it sounds waking up and being with her everyday was honestly one of the best things and I can’t wait until I can see her everyday and wake up to that smile of hers. It makes me happy just thinking about it.

Now I am back home. My dad came into my room and hugged me, because when I left I left kind of rudely. I left without saying a word to any of my family members because I was so incredibly angry. Things are even better between me and my mom and more of my family members.  Things are looking up for me. Things are going to be okay.

XOXO MouseTrap

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