Day eight: I’m sorry, what?

Wednesday, May 11th 2:26 pm

What do you mean I have ten followers? You’re kidding right? That’s insane! I didn’t think I would have more than two or three, and even thats pushing it! Oh gosh, I am so flattered, and thank you for reading my silly little short stories. Thank you so much because every notification that tells me someone else likes my story, or someone else commented on it, or someone else began following me, make me so happy and I’m amazed any of you decided to stick around for more of my dumb little ramblings.

I was thinking about putting my short stories into a book, and even adding some more that won’t make it to the site because I don’t want to post everything Online. Maybe some excerpts but not all of the chapters because well what’s the fun in buying a book you can read all Online? The thought of publishing gives me really good feelings that maybe I could be what I’ve been aspiring to be since I was little kid.

I’m going to be editing the stories I put on the blog to make them more polished and clear some ideas up that weren’t so clear in the first publishing. If you guys hadn’t noticed, most of work is very rough, and that is only because I do not proof read. At all. It’s a really bad habit and I know I should proof read before I hit publish but I’m going to do the literal exact same thing to this post and hit publish. Fight me.

No  short story from the one word prompt of the day. One reason being I want to get started editing the short stories I have so far and another being I just can’t think of anything to write for it. Lame excuse I know, but its the truth.

Stay lovely

XOXO Mouse

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