Day Six: Recharge

Monday, May 9th 11:20 am

Today is the first day in two years I am running solely off of will power. No depression or anxiety medication, nothing to ease myself into the day, and it’s significantly harder than I ever though it would be. I am constantly looking over my shoulder, feeling cold chills down my spine, and feel really nervous for not much of a reason. My one word prompt is going up today, as promised, but I do ask all of you keep in mind that I’m not one hundred percent okay and my writing may reflect that.

There is Rose incense currently in the burner and that does help my mood go up quite a bit, as well as my trip out of state later this month. During May twenty sixth to may twenty ninth I will try my best to post my daily updates but things get a little chaotic when I go to these events so I can’t make any promises. Everyday before that hopefully things will continue to be posted on my usual daily schedule. Also, not from my phone, because I have less control over how I type and spell a lot of words completely incorrectly. Which is very annoying.

After I finish this up I should get started on the word prompt of the day. Sadly, no news on Bees, Bunnies and corsets, but I’ll keep all of you informed if anything comes up

Stay Lovely

XOXO Mouse

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