Day Five: Smore Frappuccino

Another phone update. Bear with me, I haven’t gotten much sleep

It’s currently nine in the morning and I just want to go back to sleep. Today I’m going out with my mom and Grandma to celebrate mothers day, and we are on our way to Salvadoran cuisine for breakfast. A small part of me wishes I brought my father along because he’s not going to be very happy. This is the first year since my grandma’s passing that she’s not here for mothers day. I’m not the one driving, so I can’t call the shots, but I would have rather not left him alone today.

I’m probably going to lay my head down and nap after I post this, but I’m going to have it qued up so it posts at my usual time. I don’t plan on waking up this early every day.

I’m also heading to an acting class in the afternoon, and if I gather the courage I might vlog too. I’ve been trying to for a while now but I’ve always been super nervous about it. Everything is kind of up in the air and nothing is solid other than my current plans to attend an event later this month, and when that comes up I’ll let you guys know.

One word prompts should begin again tomorrow, and maybe even more work when it comes to terms of my book.

For now, I urge you to stay Lovely

XOXO Mouse

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