Day Four: Twins

Mouse here

Im posting this update from my phone and it’s something I don’t want to happen often. I can’t exactly step away from my infant nieces to go write the one word prompt as usual but that’s okay.

Last night was when I realized how much scent affects my mood. Rose incense wakes me up, lavender puts me to sleep, and Dragons blood seems to inspire creative work. I’m still empty when it comes to Dragons blood but that shouldn’t be to hard to fix.

These little rants of mine should be happening once a day, hopefully everyday, and it’s mainly for my own benefit. Maybe it’s nice to just have a nice little space where I can express myself freely, or maybe I just complain too much. Regardless they do provide me with some sort of stress relief. I don’t spend enough time making sure that I’m okay, and this little time I spend to talk about whatever is nice.

Sadly right now Bees, Bunnies and Corsets is everywhere and I have no idea where it’s going to start, end, or what’s even going to happen. Is that normal? Eh I don’t care.

The twins are waking up and my now two year old niece is wrecking Havoc.

Stay Lovely ♡
XOXO Mouse

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