Fresh Laundry,Dragon Blood, and hope


Hope is defined as an expectation or desire for plans to come. Hope is not concrete. Hope is not tangible. Hope is in so many things. Hope is in everything, everywhere, and everyone. There is so much hope from the minute you step out the front door to to the minute you lay your head down.

Hope for me is the hugs from my loved one that smells identical to laundry fresh out of the dryer, because I can only hope to see her again soon. Hope for me is my Niece’s smile and laugh, because I can only hope that her life is filled with so much happiness. Hope is my mothers kiss on the forehead, because I can only hope she continues to be with us as long as she possibly can. Hope for me is my dogs jumping onto my bed and laying beside me, because I can only hope they will be healthy and happy the rest of their dog lives.

Hope for my sister in law is my brothers hand, when her baby is unable to breathe and her only hope is that she makes it out safely and healthy. Hope for my mom is a text message from her kids letting her know that we are alive and safe. Hope for my dad is his kids growing up happy and grateful for the things hes done for them. Hope is my aunt at the doctors office waiting for test results to say her kidney is still working. Hope was my grandpa on my grandmas deathbed wondering when she is coming home.

Hope smells like Roses and Dragons blood incense. Hope is the balloon in a baby shower that reads “it’s a boy!”. Hope is the phone call from a company you want telling you the job is yours. Hope is waiting on that paycheck after a long week of work. Hope is the smell of new books and keys to locked chests. Hope is the final key to the boss room. Hope is driving across town to make sure your best friend is still breathing. Hope is a mother, holding her baby for the first time, and wondering how something could be so small and turn into something so extraordinary.

Hope is a feeling, hope is moment, hope is a person, and hope is in all of us.

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