Creativity, Headaches, and Me

Have you ever started something, took a minute to think about exactly what you were doing, and realized this is either going to be the best thing or worst thing you’ve ever done? 

This is my current mood to this entire blog. Is there any plan, any motive, and drive to back me up and let me know this isn’t a complete waste of time? Absolutely not. Is there some magical, other worldly being telling me that I should be sitting here, writing stories and throwing them out for the world to judge and read? Nope again.

Currently I am an unemployed, broke, legal adult who needs something to do. So I thought hey I like to write stories, and my tales aren’t that bad, So why not start sharing? And here we are. Problem is I’ve had writers block for four days. Four to five stories in the making and I can’t get myself to continue any of them. This does not include the works I began in high school and decided not to touch since. Those have been neglected for longer than I’m ashamed to say aloud.

I was hoping that having my own domain would give me a slight push. Or incentive to begin creating and sharing again. Sadly, like most things I do, and how most thing I start off I have little to no clue what I’m doing. I can already tell it’s going to be a while before I figure out what I’m doing and not just constantly spitting words onto a page.

XOXO Mouse

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